Ideal Villages Create your ideal world


Ideal Villages is a Web application that enables you to organize your favorite links and bookmarks in a visually attractive way on a single page. You can use it for very practical purposes, or you can create an "ideal" village, baseball team, rock band -- whatever you like -- using the resources of the entire World Wide Web.

To get an idea how you might use the IV software, take a look at some "villages" that we've created -- Notice that you can access two types of resources on these pages:
     (1) Ordinary links: click on an image and you'll be directed to the indicated website; and
     (2) "Hover" over an image. In many cases you'll see a menu of links appear in a "balloon." Click on those links too, for a much deeper experience.

Here are five more pages that illustrate some of our more specialized interests:

You are invited to register and begin creating your own ideal village (or kiosk or team) right away.

       * Be sure to take a look at our Forum too. There you can: ask questions; read instructions; and exchange ideas.

       * Complete instructions on how to start an Ideal Village are here.