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Author Topic: IV has many possible uses  (Read 3143 times)
Anne Arbor
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« on: September 12, 2011, 01:32:01 PM »

It can be used to --

Make a Daily Start page for yourself:
Admin's Daily Start

Make a Start page for someone else:  
Katie's Village

Make a This is Your Life birthday card for a friend or relative:
Birthday card

Tell others about the place where you live:  
Bolivar, NY

Gather the history of your locality:  
Coldens & Coldenham

Classroom uses

Teachers can assign research projects using Web resources:  
People I Admire (research project)
Sri Lanka (world history project)

Teachers can divide up a long poem so that it can be read in digestible chunks; relevant links can be added for additional enrichment:  
Elegy Written in a Country Churchyard  (hoping to break the Elegy up into digestible parts soon)
Ode to a Skylark (by Percy Bysshe Shelley)  (already digested Smiley)

Non-classroom uses

Keep track of links on a subject you are just now learning about:  
Uillean pipes and pipers

Use IV as a repository for your research on a given subject:  
Kreutzer Sonata (both Beethoven & Tolstoy)
Learning about cathedrals

Keep track of your favorite novels, poems, artworks, films:  
KO's favorite novels
Poetry sites

Gather and keep material on any subject dear to your heart:
Astronomical Observatory  
Gothic Cathedrals (French)  
Illuminated Manuscripts

Keep track of all the art you like best:  
Metropolitan Museum of Art
American Art Museums
European Art Museums

Keep track of resources you want to remember:  
Shakespeare animated videos (BBC)
Church of England novels (by Susan Howatch)

Gather together all your favorite pages of a huge site, and keep them in one small place:
Metropolitan Museum of Art

Just for fun: 
Humor sites

- - - -

(To be added:  

Plan a trip:
Literary Landmarks (New England)

Plan the future:  make a vision board showing the kinds of changes you hope to make in the next month or six months or year: . . . (exercise, language learning, travel, whatever)

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